The scrap metal dealers in Alexandra that pay

Do you have rusty metal lying around? You could be sitting on a goldmine. At Central Otago Scrap Metal Dealers you can turn your scrap into money. We are the friendly and helpful scrap metal dealers people in the Alexandra area look to when buying or selling scrap metal. Making things easy for you, we will guide you through the process, from evaluation and pick-up through to payment. We look forward to meeting you.

Free pick up

If you would prefer us to come to your home or you are unable to visit due to the amount of pieces involved we are happy to arrange free pick-up. We will come to you at an agreed upon time and take care of it.
Scrap metal dealers in Alexandra

How payment works

Payment for scrap metal is based on the weight of the item and will be confirmed once your scrap has been accurately weighed. You can also bring your scrap to us for immediate payment. If you're unsure about whether your scrap is recyclable please ring the shop to speak to a staff member
Scrap metal dealers in Alexandra

Fair price

A reputable business within the industry and the community, we will give you a fair price when you are buying or selling scrap metal. Our weighing and evaluating processes are in line with all industry standards. We enjoy giving customers a great deal.
Scrap metal dealers in Alexandra
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